Ars Electronica Submissions

The submission data used for the different visualization approaches, ranges from the year 1987 till the year 2009. Over this period of time the submissions process has changed according to new thematic focuses of the ARS electronica center, and according to new technologies available. Starting with postal submissions in the beginning, the submission process nowadays commonly is operated via web formulars. Usually submission data is not fully reliable and needs to undergo editorial processes, before it is used for further steps. For the visualizations we took the submission data as is, and combined the submission data with the ARS electronica database in order to get information about the winner projects. The requirements was to get a nearly complete entity set of data over the past 30 years of ARS. Out of the vast amount of of data we extracted a small and continous set of parameters, which are:

  • Title
  • Prix category
  • Submission year
  • Country
  • Price