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Y by Y: Ars Electronica Prix Submissions

X by Y visualizes all submissions to the prix ars electronica, from the early beginnings in 1987 up to 2009. The goal is to characterize the "ars world" in quantititive terms. A series of diagrams groups and juxtaposes the submissions by years, categories, prizes and countries. The graphics are composed of little dots (each representing a single submission) to provide a visual scale for the statistical statements and thematize the relation of the totality and the individual.

"After some initial experiments with the existing data, I became interested in providing both a bird's eye view on the submissions - allowing to generate hypothesis about the "ars world" – but also respecting and representing each individual submissions, instead of hiding them behind the abstract numbers. Accordingly, I constructed information graphics composed of little dots, where each dot represents a single submission. Their placement is computed with a Fibonacci series, imitating the arrangement of sunflower seeds – a very efficient and visually mesmerizing way of packing small elements into a large circle. Color distinguishes the submission categories, and a diamond shape marks submission that have been awarded a prize. The numbers in the center of the diagram elements are constructed by skipping points in the pattern – establishing a tight connection between the number and the individuals, but also demonstrating the duality of the two concepts." (Moritz Stefaner)


Being part of the huge exhibition poster "Mapping the Archive", this project was designed for print. As a result, the diagramms have a very high resolution.

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Further readings
A more detailed article about this project by Moritz Stefaner

Designed and produced by
Moritz Stefaner in collaboration with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Media.Art.Research

Project management and exhibition concept
Dietmar Offenhuber

Data processing
Sandor Herramhof

Color palette
Ule Münster