Timeline of Audiovisual Culture


Project Description

based on the „See this Sound“ web archive: Audiovisualogy - Interdisciplinary Compendium of Audiovisual Culture (www.see-this-sound.at), it is an interactive visualization showing the structural properties of the different texts and chapters in this encyclopedia.

This project is an installation and part of the "SEE THIS SOUND. Versprechungen von Bild und Ton" exhibition at the Lentos Kunstmuseum. It can not be accessed online, but you can see a video documentation at the see this sound blog.

The „See this Sound“ web archive offers a comprehensive pool of information on artforms that combine Sound and Vision. Several topics with contributions by international experts cover a timespan of xx years of audiovisual culture and technology with background information from art history, media theory, musicology, film studies, dramatics, pop culture, psychology and neurology. The Timeline shows the chronological development of the topics and their interrelation. It offers a visual representation of historical complexity.

Visual concept & Interface
Dietmar Offenhuber &
Stefan Schilcher

Editorial concept
Sandra Naumann &
Mario Röhrle

Editorial support
Jan Thoben

Stefan Schilcher

Database programming
Matthias Tarasiewicz,
Michal Wlodkowski (5uper.net)