Netpioneers in a Synchronoptic Timeline

The Thing Vienna documents in a synchronoptic timeline

See the documents of THE THING Vienna, their authors and their important themes in  parallel timelines.

We developed a synchronoptic timeline flash application for the project Netpioneers. The project includes a huge collection of documents of early net-based art projects like THE THING New York, THE THING Vienna, t0 - Public Netbase and selected works by and Holger Friese.

The synchronoptic timeline offers a chronological overview on several different aspects of these documents: The creation dates, the activity timespan of the authors and the most important monthly themes. Additionally, you can interactively discover the authors of a single document, or all documents of an author by clicking on it. You can also see which documents are related to a theme on the theme/projects timeline.

The application is very customizable and can be used for any timestamped and csv-formatted data in a single table.

More Info
Project Management
Dietmar Offenhuber & Evelyn Münster

Software Development
Mar Canet