Prix Landscape Interactive Art

Prix Landscape Interactive Art

This landscape shows all works that have been awarded in the Prix Ars Electronica category of „Interactive Art“ since its inception in 1990 up until 2009. Through the use of a multidimensional scaling algorithm (MDS), the works are projected onto a two-dimensional surface according to their relative thematic correspondence. Thus the proximity of two works represents their similarity.

The keywords that are assigned to a work are symbolized by shapes, whereas each term has a unique shape. When several terms are applied, the combination results in an individual outline for each work. So you can also see, by the figure of the icons, their similarities and differences.

In the course of the art historic research at the LBI, a taxonomy of interactive art was developed to characterize the works via nine different classes (in total 150 possible terms). The categories are summarized in a formal, aesthetic, technical, and a contextual view.


Evelyn Münster

The author Evelyn Münster with her son Theo.

Prix Landscape Interactive Art - closeup

A closeup of the Theme Landscape on the exhibtion poster.

More Info
Evelyn Münster

Dataset and Taxonomy
Katja Kwastek, Ingrid Spörl

Programming Assistance
Anika Hirt